Anastasija Litvinyuk

sekcja rytmiczna kl. śpiewu 2 - fortepian

In 2007 graduated from the Lviv State Music Academy im. Lysenko at the Department of History of Music. Represents the new generation of Ukrainian jazz musicians.

Since 2004 a pianist and co-group «ShockolaD». Together with the project participated in many festivals: ( «Jazz bez» (2004 – 2010), «Flyugery Lvova» (2005 – 2011), «Metro Jazz» (2005), «Jednist»(2007),«Starzy i Mlodzi, chili jazz v Krakowie»(2007), “Art-mashine “project« Vilnius – European Capital of Culture 2009 », « The contours of experience» (2007) – Ukraine-Lithuania performens, «Jazz Fest»(Sumy 2008), «XIX Festival of culture» (Sopot 2008), “Fortmisija” (2009-2011), “Amiens Jazz Festival” (Amiens, France 2010),

“Europejski Stadion Kultury” (Rzeszow, Poland 2011), “Alfa Jazz Fest” (Lviv, Ukraine 2011) among others.

In 2004 – 2006 she participated in international jazz workshop in the city of Krakow where she studied in Yoahim Menzel. Within six months (February – July 2008) was in Warsaw, in the grant program of the Minister of Culture of Poland «Gaude Polonia». She studied in Andrzei Yahodzhinski and collaborated with Polish musicians Michal Jaros and Tomasz Dąbrowski in project «ShockolaD + PL».

Since February 2009r. is a co-founder «Jazz Club Lviv». Also she is co-founder of first “Lviv Summer Jazz School” in 2011.

Besides «ShockolaD» participates in several jazz projects with different musicians, such a Mark Bernstein, Frank Parker, Michal Baranski, Michal Miskiewich, Radek Nowicki, Michal Jaros, Grzegorz Karnas, Hans Peter Salentin, Piotr Baron, ets.

From 2010 Anastasija has own musical project “Litvinyuk Acoustic Jazz”.

Anastasia also works as an accompanist and teacher of improvisation at the Lviv State Musical College of S.Lyudkevych.

In 2014 Anastasija became a co-founder of “Lviv School of Jazz and Contemporary Music”. Since 2014 she teaches piano, jazz harmony and improvisation in Lviv National Music Academy.

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